Cluseau 12mm Clear Silver Multi

Part Number:CLU-RN-12-SMUL
Cluseau 12mm Clear Silver Multi
Cluseau Silver Foil Multi Round Venetian Beead
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Authentic Murano Glass 12mm Ca'd'Oro Round bead with a 1mm hole runing through the center and .925 Sterling Silver and splashes of assorted bright colors. Murano glass bead no two ever exactly alike owing to handwork. These beads are sometimes known as Cluseau, Gems or Jewelled. They are made by first making the bead of the base color, usually black, then covering exterior the bead with .925 Sterling Silver foil. Finally the bead is rolled in fine frit which are crushed bits of Moretti glass thus embedding these little jewels into the molten bead. A final topping of crystal clear glass gives them depth. No two are ever exactly alike.

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