Bead Colors

Colors of our Murano Glass Beads

We use Effetre Moretti and Vetrofondo glass to produce all our beads. Effetre Moretti produces a soft soda lime glass with a COE of 104. There is no lead content in any Murano Glass. Moretti is the more well known of the production of glass canes for lampworking (beadmaking) as they were the original source for all cane glass. Vetrofondo was established a few years ago on the mainland just ourside Venice and produces certain colors which are unavailable in Moretti as well as giving us a second source for our popular colors.

Gold Foil Colors:

All gold foil beads are produced using 24kt gold foil leaf which is applied during the beadmaking process We do two types of goldfoil beads, one with the foil interior and it is permanently encased in our transparent colors. The second type, exterior gold foil is applied as the name implies on the outside. The exterior gold foil is subject to wear and tear and to body oils so will diminish over usage - that is perfectly normal and not a defect.

Gold foil underneath our transparent colors of Murano glass produce vibrant colors given an additional zap of glow by the use of the 24kt gold foil:

24kt gold foil Murano glass beads - Authentic Murano Glass Foil Beads-Murano glass beads - Wholesale Bead Supplies

White Gold Foil Colors:

Our white gold foil beads are produced White gold which is an alloy of gold and at least one white metal, such as silver or palladium. Like yellow gold, white gold is measured in Karats. Like our Yellow Gold, there are two applications, interior and exterior and exhibit the same behaviors. White gold tends to tone down the color, giving the colors a softer look. Think about the difference between Sterling Silver Jewely and White Gold Jewelry, it has a much softer glow.

White Gold Murano Glass Beads - Wholesale Murano Glass Beads - Authentic Murano Glass Beads

Caramella Colors:

Our Caramella Colors are produced in the White Heart Method with a center of White Murano Glass and exterior with a layer of transparent Murano Glass which gives them the popular bright candy popping colors. This technique is also known as incalmo in Italy and of coure Caramella because they look like candies.

Caramella Colors - Murano Glass White Heart Beads - Authentic Murano Glass Beads

All other of our decorations are just combinations of the above colors. Our Ca'd'oro uses both the 24kt gold foil or white gold to produce the cracked gold look.

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